Profile: Alex Vasile

By Sabrina Syed
The Greene Team

Few people have a tougher shell to crack than Alex Vasile. One thing acts as a hammer, though, shattering that tough coat of protection; the mention of football.

“Football is my life,” said the 16-year-old junior Chaminade High School.

Working as sports editor for his school paper, The Tarmac, and watching football constantly bring out Alex’s exuberance. All the while, he was a calm presence at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists.

“I’m usually pretty Zen,” Vasile said. “I meditate.”

When asked why he finds the need to meditate, he answers that, “I respond to stress physically very poorly.”

Alex Vasile

Alex Vasile

In casual conversation, he remains shy, even soft-spoken. After speaking for a few minutes, one trait that can be pinpointed is sarcasm. “He’s sarcastic in nature but in a very humorous way,” said Alex’s roommate and friend, Jon Glover.

Although Alex can no longer play football due to a knee injury that was progressive since 7th grade he still follows the sport passionately.

“You never really leave the game,” he said.

Two train rides every morning to school from Bay Shore to Mineola don’t faze Vasile. Coming home each night at 6 p.m. to a house with seven pets doesn’t make it easier.

“Sometimes I need my own peace of mind,” he said. Alex has two younger siblings, ages 11 and 13. Fortunately, they don’t contribute to Vasile’s hectic life. “At least my siblings are manageable,” he mentioned.

The one thing he looks forward to on Sundays is sitting in a chair for hours to watch his favorite sport on ESPN.

“It always fills me with anticipation” he said.

Even in the off-season, Vasile said he stays informed.

“I make it a point to keep updated on every team, all the time” he said. He focuses his attention on keeping up with professional teams’ trades, scores and statistics and writing about sports at Chaminade.

An innovator on the Tarmac staff, he set up a project to cover sports events weekly for the paper, compared to the previous format of just publishing the seasonal updates of the teams playing for Chaminade.

With a year as sports editor under his belt, Vasile said he hopes to be editor-in-chief next year.

He also looks forward to studying history in the fall.

“It’s just that I like learning about things that you don’t see anymore,” he explained.

Vasile also takes French as a foreign language. However it isn’t one of his favorite classes, as well as English. “I’ve never really had a head for languages,” he explained.

Ironically, Alex enjoys the broad world of journalism and explaining the sports stories through his writing.

Knowing the game has been crucial in interviewing athletes for the paper. “It helps because I know what to ask,” Vasile said. “I know the rules and what they go through when they’re on the team.”

His obsession with sports inspired his journalism career and his enjoyment in writing, and that’s what defines him.