Profile: Christopher Buckley

By Philip Brady
The Greene Team

Chris Buckley isn’t content with just being a spectator when it comes to his favorite sport. His first choice would be pitching on the mound, but short of that, his second passion is to write and report about the game he loves.

Buckley, a junior at Sachem North High School, gets plenty of chances to do just that type of writing for his school newspaper, The Northwind, and he appears on air regularly as vice president of his school’s TV station club, Sachem North TV. He’s even racked up some real world experience, sitting behind the broadcaster’s booth with veteran sports announcer Chris King at local Long Island Ducks and New York Islanders games.

Christopher Buckley

Christopher Buckley

“This was a very exciting and suiting experience for me, because at the time I knew that broadcast and journalism was something I was very interested in pursuing as a career,” says Buckley, 16, of Lake Grove, during an interview at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists. “After going to these four games, I definitively knew what I wanted to take on as a career.”

It’s this kind of experience that makes him want to become a journalist.

When Buckley is not broadcasting on his school TV station or writing for the paper, he enjoys playing baseball for his school team, playing videogames, or just enjoying downtime with his friends.

Being the captain of his junior varsity baseball team has given him the chance to successfully lead a team and provide an outlet for his baseball enthusiasm.

In addition to his extracurricular activities, Buckley is a strong student and has been inducted into the National Honor Society, as well as the Foreign Language Honor Society. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and most notably reflects upon his recent visit to the Dominican Republic.

“It was very interesting to be so close to a group of people who you never thought you would see in person,” says Buckley, referring to the diverse population he met in the Caribbean country.

He hopes to be doing more traveling if his dream of being a sports journalist becomes a reality. But for now, he’ll be content with making his name on the local scene.   He’s already got a head start and this summer got to learn from real world journalists at a boot camp at Stony Brook University. He will take that experience back to his own school paper.

“Chris is a student well on his way to achieving his goals,” said Dan Maricondo, a fellow Greene Team member.