Profile: Frank Olito

By Alana Mutum
The Greene Team

The banter throughout the lunch circle among the attendees of the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists lasts only a few minutes before a girl can be heard saying “Frank Update”.

She would, of course, be talking about Frank Olito.

“I began asking Frank for updates on the first day of the program, these tidbits on his day and life in general brought all of us to tears of laughter,” said Nicole Sganga, a student at Cold Spring Harbor High School. “Being the charming man he is, he was made to inform the world. His updates like his character are wonderful.”

Frank Olito

Frank Olito

When Olito returns as a senior to Smithtown West High School in the fall, he will be editor in chief of his school newspaper, The Bulls Eye. He said he hopes the Greene institute will help him grow as a journalist. “I want to become more experienced and learn more about the field.”

Olito has been an active member of the paper for the past three years. Last year he worked his way up to News Editor. For each issue, he would come up with a feature that would become the theme for the issue that would often be the cover story. Some features that he created were “College Tips” and “Student’s Hidden Talents”.

Besides being an editor on his school paper, Olito was also a participant in Positive Edge, a school club that promotes living a drug- and alcohol- free lifestyle. He’s also a member of the Spanish Honor Society where he is also historian. Outside of school, Frank enjoys going to the mall, movies and hanging out with his friends.

Olito said he relishes writing opinion pieces as well as satirical ones, including articles in his school paper on our “doomed generation,” explaining how the technology addicted teens of today are ruining America’s future.

“Everyone just texts and no one can mold a real conversation,” Olito said. “Everyone just Googles rather than research for their information, which is hindering their ability to develop and discover new things.”

In addition, he wrote a satire on the legitimacy of high school relationships and how “teenagers take it so far even though the likelihood of the relationship lasting is slim to none.”

Olito also is a huge reader and enjoys the works of Kurt Vonnegut as well as the “Gone” series by Michael Grant.

“I want to write a story that people could connect to,” Olito said. One “ that makes a difference in their life.”