Profile: Rebecca Anzel

By Celia Bever
The Greene Team

In the midst of a deadline-induced frenzy at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists, Rebecca Anzel hastily devoured a salad as she power-walked from the Stony Brook University Student Activities Center back to the newsroom.  She passed on a calm, sit-down lunch in favor of a quick return to work.

This level of commitment is not uncommon for Anzel.  After only a year on her school newspaper’s staff, she happily accepted the role of news editor.  A year later, she was even more excited to be named editor-in-chief.

Rebecca Anzel

Rebecca Anzel

In the fall, as she comes into her new role, she will face the challenge of leading The Comet in a time of change; the publication’s beloved advisor – and Anzel’s mentor – departed the school district at the end of June.  But Anzel said she feels well prepared to handle the challenge, both because of the passion and drive she drew from her advisor and from the skills she picked up from the Greene Institute, a boot camp for aspiring journalists.

As editor, Anzel hopes to expand on the work of her mentor in turning the paper into a more serious and respected publication. To do this, she said she plans to run a series of writing workshops to help fine-tune the skills of the staff.

Anzel is enthusiastic about her journalistic aspirations.  She hopes that while in college she can double-major in journalism and either political science or economics.  “Ideally, I would love to get degrees in [all three], but I can’t see that happening,” she said.

Anzel said she is most excited to write about politics.  “I really love politics,” she said. “There’s always something to write about.”  To keep tabs on the current political scene, Anzel watches Meet the Press and Face the Nation “religiously,” and reads the Long Island Press and The New York Times.

Attesting to Anzel’s talent, friend Jamie Immanuel said, “One of Becky’s best attributes is her natural curiosity. [Her] yearning for the truth will definitely make her a wonderful journalist.”

When she is not writing, Anzel is reading, practicing sign language, or playing violin. She is a lifelong resident of Hicksville, where she lives with her parents and brother.