Profile: Samantha Lacovara

By Dan Maricondo
The Greene Team

Samantha Lynn Lacovara likes to think of herself as civic-minded.

Not only is she an accomplished student journalist, but Lacovara also is deeply involved in the political scene at Shoreham-Wading River High School, where she has served three terms as class president.

Lacovara, 16, who is also editor-in-chief of her school newspaper, The Wildcat Pause, has always been drawn to journalism.

She started as sports editor of the Pause, and worked her way up to the top position, which she has held for two years. Her work was recently highlighted as a second place winner in a Newsday journalism competition.

When she’s not at the paper, she is working as business editor for, an online newspaper that focuses on the issues of her community.

Samantha Lacovara

Samantha Lacovara

Lacovara has long been interested in government and politics. She was able to participate in a People to People Ambassador Program in Washington D.C. five years ago. She said the event gave her insight into the national political scene, allowing her to meet with local government officials and get a better understanding of the political process.

She’s also actively involved in outreach and has volunteered her time in Kenya at an orphanage for HIV-infected children.

“It was absolutely the most amazing experience of my life,” she said. “If I could do what I did there for the rest of my life, I would.  It opens my eyes to things I never knew I would love so much.”

She is looking forward to going back next February

Lacovara 16, feels very strongly that she wants to pursue a career in journalism, though is not certain whether she wishes to focus on broadcast or print.  She spent a week this past summer in a journalism boot camp working with tenured journalists in a real world newsroom. She hopes to take new skill she acquired at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists back to the Pause.

Kelly Murray, a fellow Greene Team member, said “Sam is the kind of person with a personality that anyone can’t help but enjoy.  She lightens the mood in any situation, and when it comes to having a friend, she’s so hospitable.”

In her spare time, Lacovara, of Shoreham likes to play guitar as well as write her own songs.  She also participates in sports and is captain of her softball team. She finds inspiration in the words of celebrated poet e. e. cummings: “Unbeing dead isn’t being alive.”

To Lacovara, that means that, “to live, you have to contribute to the world around you, help others, and most of all have fun.”