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  • Howl

    Festival fans react to ‘Howl’

    Stony Brook Film Festival moviegoers react to the film “Howl,” based on the Allen Ginsberg poem.

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  • Director's chair

    In the director’s chair

    Alan Inkles has a serious job, but it never takes away from his vivacious personality.

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  • Chris King

    11 years of Ducks broadcasting

    Veteran announcer Chris King is the voice of the Ducks on the radio.

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  • Green Ducks

    The Ducks go green

    The community-oriented Suffolk County Sports Park has taken environmental initiative, installing renewable solar panels on the roof of the facility and lining the stadium with “Ricky Recycling Bins."

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  • AIMing high

    EOP: Helping Students AIM High

    The counselors who run Educational Opportunity Program/Advancement on Individual Merit say theirs is a unique mission: to reach and help young people with more potential than financial resources.

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  • Ballgame

    Take them out to the ballgame

    When the Long Island Ducks score a run, fan reactions are as varied as the people who come to enjoy the games.

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  • creighton

    Politician, journalist forged lifelong friendship

    While many politicians might fear an investigative reporter, Smithtown Town Councilman Robert Creighton embraced one of the toughest of them all.

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  • Dorm featured image

    Dorms come alive with H.S. students in summer

    If dorms are usually associated with the bustle of fall and spring semesters, they come alive in summer with high school students.

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  • A night at the movies

    A night at the movies

    The constant ringing of a cash register could be heard in the lobby of Stony Brook University's Staller Center theater as tickets were rapidly being sold for the 15th Annual Stony Brook Film Festival.

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  • Greene Team Program

    Hands-on learning, Greene style

    Nineteen juniors and seniors roamed the campus of Stony Brook University with pens, notebooks and cameras in hand at the second annual Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists.

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