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  • Howl

    Festival fans react to ‘Howl’

    Stony Brook Film Festival moviegoers react to the film “Howl,” based on the Allen Ginsberg poem.

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  • Plucked Ducks

    Patriots Pluck Ducks, 10-5

    The Long Island Ducks lost the third game of a four-game series against the Somerset Patriots, who blew an early three-run lead in the fourth inning but regained the advantage in the sixth inning with a pinch-hit homer.

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  • creighton

    Politician, journalist forged lifelong friendship

    While many politicians might fear an investigative reporter, Smithtown Town Councilman Robert Creighton embraced one of the toughest of them all.

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  • Alana Mutum

    Profile: Alana Mutum

    Alana Mutum's day consists of clubs, leadership roles and hobbies. The Franklin Square resident challenges herself by juggling many activities in her school life at H. Frank Carey High School.

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