Fighting fire

Let’s talk about the real issue: the heat.

Walking into the dorm rooms is like walking into a giant, gaping mouth.  Every time I go outdoors, I breathe a sigh of relief and feel cooler — a bad sign.  There are, as I’m sure many will soon comment, no air conditioners in our building.  And even if there were, we’re a couple of floors above the ground.  Basic chemistry.  Cold air sinks.  I don’t think I need a diagram to describe why most of the heat has accumulated on our upper floors.  And though today’s weather was actually a gargantuan improvement as compared to yesterday’s (on and off T-storms, not a single ray of sunshine), I’m still writhing at the thought of reentering the furnace tomorrow.

Not a Sun in the Sky

Self-explanatory. By Kristen Lee.

Here is my pending list of methods for escaping/tolerating the heat:

- Fans (duh) — These awesome, air-circulating contraptions distribute a little reprieve from the all-but-salivating, humid air.  Too bad I can’t hear anything over them, though.
- 7/11 Runs — It’s like walking into Big Foot’s refrigerator.
- Ice Water, as purchased from 7/11 — They last about 20 minutes before also succumbing to the heat.
- Cold Showers — I think I’ll take two every night.
- Water Guns — Again, 7/11.
- Don’t think about — In all honesty, we actually spend very little time at our dorms throughout the day.  I am extremely grateful for the air-conditioned newsroom and SAC.

In actuality, this weather might not be too bad.  After all, it is summer, and I actually did feel a little cold for about five minutes right before I returned to the dorms.  In about 12 hours, though, the weather and sun will probably be back to their fiery antics.  In the meantime, any other suggestions for fighting the heat?