Foraging in files for a film

I’m getting ready to write up my second article of the program. I’m going to be reviewing The Tree, a 2010 super-fly indie film. You can check out the trailer here. From the reviews I’ve seen and research I’ve done, the film looks pretty legit.  The name of the main actress, Charlotte Gainsbourg, is renowned amongst most cinematographers, and Alan Inkles, the director of the Stony Brook Film Festival, was raving about her during our press conference today. The plot follows the life of a newly widowed mother, Dawn, who must now single-handedly raise her four children. In the film, Dawn’s grief soon becomes tangent in the form of a tree, the very tree that killed her late husband in a car accident, forcing tantalizingly spazzy hell to break loose.

If that doesn’t sound crazy intense, I don’t know what does. We’re going to check out the movie in a few days at the film festival, and I’m actually pretty psyched. I wish I could experience the entire festival, since, from what Alan Inkles said today, the collection sounds pretty eclectic in terms of native origins. But I guess I’ll just have to settle with what we heard today in the press conference. Speaking of which, today I had one of my first research-related experiences with a recorder. I was scratching down a few quotes by Inkles for my review, and I felt pretty professional, which is a funny feeling. Hopefully, these next few days will be as interesting as today was.

Taking quotes from our recorders.


P.S.  In case anyone’s wondering, the heat went down a little, and I usually don’t spend more than a few hours in my steaming room, so all’s settled in that department — for now.