If I want to be a journalist, maybe I should start reading the newspaper

Finally reading the paper.

Finally reading the paper! Photo by Sarah Elsesser.

Reminiscing back to June when the soon-to-be Greene Team members, including myself, gathered together to meet for the first time, Marcy McGinnis broke the awkward tension with an icebreaker game. After forming a circle and some being asked numerous questions, it was finally my turn. I was asked how often I followed the news, (via newspaper, television or radio), and responded with “no, but I would like to.”

From that day forward, I swore to myself that I would educate myself on a minimum of one story a day … which, much to my dismay, didn’t happen. Ever since I can remember, following the news was something I had always been interested in, but never took the time out to do because I thought it would take too long. It wasn’t until this morning at breakfast when I picked up a section of Newsday for the first time without the intention of flipping to the comics section and noticed that I was wrong in my assumption.

Being knowledgeable in current events is not only vital, but inevitable in being a successful journalist. I look forward to picking up the newspaper over the course of the proceeding days, hopefully it will carry over once my stay at Stony Brook ends.