Another exciting day

Today was yet another day at the Greene Institute. The night went well and was bearable because of the fact that the temperature was much cooler. The day began with a news writing and reporting lesson given by Zack and Cathrine in the news room. Later on we got another chance to learn even more about photography with Professor John Williams. He taught us about the three components of exposure. Since the class is very hands-on, we quickly went outside to put our new knowledge into action! We teamed up with partners and began to take pictures. At first I had a bit of difficulty but Mr. Williams was quick to attend me and my partner and we figured it out.

Stephanie and Brionna take pictures

Learning digital photography at the Greene Institute.

Afterwards we received a lesson on how to act and prepare for a news conference. Then we had a news conference with the brilliant Staller Center Director, Alan Inkles. He was very professional and completely down-to-earth. He was extremely interesting and gave us a taste of what  he does on a daily basis. We got the chance to learn about what actually goes into the making of  his famous film festivals. He also expressed his passion for his job and what led him to choose his career. The news conference made me extremely excited about seeing his film on Thursday, “The Tree”.

Immediately  following  the news conference, my teammates and I got the chance to interview Dr. Carlos Vidal about his medical program, HCOP. HCOP stands for Health Careers Opportunity Program. The program is an amazing opportunity that provides students with knowledge about the medical field. My job was to videotape and even though I was nervous, I think I did well. Today was just another fun day and I can not wait to do the rest of the activities.