The A Team: Taking SBU by storm one day at a time

Interview on marriage equality Photo credit: Christine Angell

The third day of camp started with a bang. We hit the ground running from the moment we left our dorms at Irving College bright and early at 7:30 am.

After we finished breakfast, our instructors taught us just some of the many interviewing techniques used by professionals which include the appropriate place to hold a microphone when questioning a subject, and the polite way to re-ask a question if the subject fails to answer the initial question. Later on, The Greene Team attended a press conference led by Alan Inkles, director of Staller Center for the Arts at Stony Brook University, and used the rest of our time effectively by working on our numerous assignments.

One of the three stories The A Team, the group I am a part of,  is covering involves marriage equality and the effects it has surfaced. We began our coverage by interviewing students on campus, and shorty after we set up our equipment, I bossed Alex, another member of the group, to interview an approaching couple.

As time progressed we encountered some people opposed to being interviewed; one man in particular agreed to be interviewed but changed his mind when we simply asked him for his name.

Once it was time to head for dinner at the SAC, I spotted two women appearing to be holding hands. Again, I pestered Alex to catch up to them for one last interview which turned out to be one of most interesting due to their deep knowledge on the topic since they were gay themselves.

The A Team accomplished a significant amount of progress today, and although we are only in the early stages of our work, we have already contacted senators and LGBT groups, learned the logistics of the Marriage Equality Act, and captured many of the day’s events through photo. It will be exciting to view and share our finished product once everything is completed.

And Alex, I promise to be less bossy next time we work together.