On the road with the Greene Team

Yesterday was an extremely fun day. We first did our regular day of lessons, which consisted of us learning how to do an actual broadcast show.

I was very nervous and shy like always, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Afterwards, we had the chance to take an extremely fun field trip. First we took a tour of the Newsday newsroom. This was very interesting since we actually had he the chance to see for ourselves what journalists have to do to track down a story.

Ducks ticket booth

The Greene Team covered the Ducks Wednesday night. Photo by Stephanie Maldonado

After visiting Newsday, we had the chance to visit TV 10/55. We got to sit at the anchor desk in their broadcast studio. It was all very exciting and overwhelming.

But the most fun part of my day was when we had the chance to go see the Ducks baseball game.

I’m not that much of  a sports fan, but the game was a lot of fun. It was also extremely beneficial to my team’s news story about the Ducks. We captured a lot of good photos  and video. We also got a lot of very informative interviews and comments about the game. It was all so much fun!