Can-do attitude for journalism — and everything else, too

Brionna Cook, a rising junior at Riverhead High School, is not one to just sit around and watch the world pass her by.

She’s passionate about learning and experiencing the world around her and she does so in a way that gets her involved in anything that holds great value to her. An example of her burning desire to do everything and anything is that she is heavily involved in almost all her school clubs.

Brionna Cook / Photo by Wasim Ahmad

Brionna Cook / Photo by Wasim Ahmad

She’s a member of Drama Club, Show Choir, Chamber Choir, Senior Choir, Mathletes and Mentathletes.
Brionna is president of her school’s community service club, Leo. She’s so deeply involved at school that the list doesn’t end there,

Brionna is also involved in a computer graphics club,Web Slingers, and she also participates in her school’s Yearbook Club, Art Club, Science Club and, last but not least, she is a participant in a journalism club.

Brionna is currently the column and editorial writer of her school’s newspaper, Rip Tide. She covers an array of stories consisting of local bands, sports news, and the arts.

Brionna commented that her inspiration to pursue a journalistic career began in sixth grade. She credits radio DJ Manic Marc, who works for a radio station known as KRZ, as her number one source of inspiration. Brionna would spend countless hours talking to the radio DJ via phone.

Manic Marc used to talk to reporters about their work outside of his local news station. Later on, he’d inform his circle of friends what he learned. He shared some of those experiences with Brionna.

He also spoke to her about broadcasting, which caught her interest but later on when she joined her school’s journalism club, she fell in love with it.

“My inspiration was based on his inspiration,” Brionna said. That influence led Brionna to the wonderful art of journalism.

Brionna believes that it’s important to gain basic knowledge about everything that might serve to be significant in the near future because she thinks it’s just good to know a little bit of everything.

“I just want the world to know me for something, but not be famous for it,” she said.

She hopes people know that she can do almost anything if she is truly motivated and willing to pursue it. Her philosophy is that she won’t do it for the fame but because she’s passionate about it.