Diary of a young journalist

Stephanie Maldonado has a love for writing that has inspired her to look for ways to use it. Stephanie is from Roosevelt, New York and applied to the Stony Brook Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists to use her love for writing in different ways.

Stephanie Maldonado

Stephanie Maldonado / Photo by Wasim Ahmad

“Stephanie is actually quite good at writing poetry,” said Jessica Maldonado, Stephanie’s sister. Jessica said she sees Stephanie as a talented, creative writer. “I am open to other forms of writing,” including journalism, Stephanie said. She said she sees herself as a very strong reader, and that any book can inspire her “as long as the author reaches” her, which she parlays into her creative writing.

Jessica said she tries to support Stephanie in her writing. “I don’t actually think I have been included in any of her writing pieces but I do encourage her in her writing,” Jessica said. Her sister’s encouragement has been important, Stephanie said.

Reading has also been an influence. “I love to read and do it on a daily basis,” said Stephanie, 17. Anne Frank is a favorite, she said. “She was so young and made an impact on so many people.”

Stephanie was excited to learn about all the phases of reporting and editing over the course of the weeklong program. “I was not involved in any school activities regarding journalism which is why I am excited for this program.”

Stephanie said. Her sister Jessica said Stephanie is open to new opportunities. “She is very excited because she is getting to have a new learning experience.”

Stephanie said she hopes the Greene program will give her a taste of life on the university’s campus. “Stony Brook is an excellent school,” she said, adding that she is strongly considering applying to the college. She believes that spending a week in Stony Brook with other journalists might change her mind as far as what she wants to do as a career.  “I don’t really know yet what I want to do,” she said. “This is a great way to find out if maybe I like this.”