For top editor, writing ‘a way of life’

Writing, for some people, is a tough task. But for 16-year-old Christine Angell, it’s a way of life.

Christine, from a very young age, loved to write.

Her mother, Gail Angell, believes it was Christine’s ability to read at a young age that opened the door to writing.

Christine Angell

Christine Angell / Photo by Wasim Ahmad

As her education progressed her teachers inspired her to develop her talent for writing.

Christine hopes to someday pursue a career in online journalism or broadcasting.

“I love being able to ask the questions and find out the story for yourself,” the zealous high school journalist said in an interview for the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists.

A senior this fall at Mattituck High School, Christine will become the editor in chief of her school paper, The Mattitalk, after having been associate editor in her junior year.

“Christine is a very well-rounded girl, said Mrs. McGinn, a teacher at Mattituck High. “She doesn’t pigeonhole herself and she has a very clear focus.”

McGinn was a great source of inspiration for Christine. In Christine’s sophomore year she took her first journalism class taught by McGinn.

It was the “icing on the cake,” something her mother, Mrs. Angell, had said.

McGinn has known Christine since she was in eighth grade and has seen her progress into the gifted writer that she is.
Christine’s love for writing and journalism doesn’t stop at the classroom of her school’s newspaper.

She now has a job writing for the sports section of a hyperlocal website called the North Fork Patch.

“Working for the Patch gave Christine a professional experience,” McGinn said. “She had to meet real deadlines instead of the flexible ones we have at school.”