Torn between two loves: sports and journalism

Drew Mongiello of Connetquot High School has been described as a passionate writer by his loved ones, who see him as a gifted teenager who always exceeds expectations. And Drew himself said he has a liking for journalism even though he finds that he loves sports more.

Drew Mongiello

Drew Mongiello / Photo by Wasim Ahmad

Drew, 17, who will be a senior in the fall, showed his interest in journalism from an early age.

“Drew started talking about journalism in eighth grade, when his favorite English teacher noticed Drew’s writing was really improving — and that he had a knack for reporting-style writing,” said Drew’s mother, Cathy.

The encouragement from that teacher, Ms. Dierdre Nunez, who said that Drew was a strong writer who could possibly find a career in journalism enjoyable, was a big influence on his decision to pursue journalism.

“She was able to find my strength in writing, which I had not discovered yet and helped me grab hold of it,” he said.

That nudge started Drew on the road to a great love for journalism, even though he said that sports will always have his heart.

He got a glimpse of journalism along with several other high school students at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists at Stony Brook University from July 24 through July 30.

Drew said that he wanted to join the program to make sure that journalism was for him.

The program offered a great opportunity to get a taste of what a real journalist’s life consisted of.

“I am hoping to assure myself that I want to join the journalism world through this program,” he said. “As of now, I hope to become a play-by-play sports announcer.”

Drew’s mother believes that the program will be both beneficial and fun for him.

“Being immersed in a journalism program like this will be great for experience as well as college applications,” she said. “Drew will totally get into the writing and reporting projects outlined, and hopefully have some kind of portfolio started for his future career.”

Drew has already started writing about sports when he gets a chance.

“There were no journalism programs in my school . . . but I do write the rap ups to my travel baseball team’s Facebook page after each game,” he said.

Even though Drew has an immense love for sports he believes that journalism can also be in his future. His mother agrees.

“I am pretty sure Drew will be involved in sports somehow; reporting, broadcasting, marketing, management, representation, whatever,” she said. “Sports is his passion, writing is his talent. He’s a smart kid. He’ll figure out a way to combine the two for a successful career.”