Voice of the future

When you are listening to a football announcer on television some day in years to come, the voice of the speaker may be a voice that you can recognize. That is, if you know Alex Wilcox. With his passion for sports and smooth baritone voice, it’s easy to imagine Alex looking over a field and calling plays into a microphone.

Alex Wilcox

Alex Wilcox / Photo by Wasim Ahmad

“During this next week at Stony Brook I hope to be exposed to the real world of journalism and uncover what its like to be a journalist so I can decide whether this could be a potential career for me,” said Alex, 17.

The summer program will be completely new for him since he has never taken any journalism classes in school or written for the school’s newspaper. Wilcox discovered his love for sports broadcasting during the summer of 2010 at a sportscasting institute held at Hofstra University.

He got to experiment with radio and television sportscasting, where sparks flew. “Since that field is very competitive and there are few on-air opportunities, I decided I should explore other fields in sports media,” he said.

His close friend, James Harkins, said that “he loves sports.”

Wilcox not only loves reporting about sports, but he also has experience playing football and baseball for Cold Spring Harbor High School.

In school and out, he is known for his charming ways and ability to talk to almost anybody. “He’s the type of guy you know has your back,” said his good friend Bobby Rivkin, who has known Alex since he moved in to the school district in sixth grade. “He acts like how a best friend should; helping with plenty of solutions to problems and being able to be a friend that someone could confide in.”