Hi, my name is…

Videos scare me.

We had a few technical malfunctions and group miscommunications, and we ended up missing the name of one of our interviewees. We did, however, catch the last five letters of said interviewee’s last name, though this wasn’t very helpful.  What were those last five letters, you ask? “Xcwik.”

Not even Facebook could creep up this mess.

But that’s okay, because Brionna Cook, Mac and film editor extraordinaire, is currently on the scene, and I am taking a mental break.  I’m so glad that the Greene institute took the time to teach me all of these computer and electronic techniques.  I’m not too shabby on plain old Windows Movie Maker. However, Macs and Kristens are not very compatible, and when it comes to technical mistakes, my mind gets a little too frazzled to continue. I should probably work on that, since I’m guessing these kinds of issues — to a more intelligent extent — are everyday quirks in the life of a professional journalist.

Note: Maybe I should stop blogging about my extensive technical difficulties — they just give Professor Ahmad more reasons to make fun of me.

Making sound bites. Photo by Sarah Elsesser

Today’s the last day of the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists, but I’m finding it tough to come to terms with that fact — most likely because I’m too busy to notice. This morning, I typed up my two-page review for the film, The Tree. I love writing reviews for the arts, mostly because those are what I have the most experience in, but thinking back now, I kind of wish I’d ventured toward a story farther from my comfort zone. I’m really happy with my final product and my editor, April Warren‘s, comments, though, and I’m excited to see my article, as well as everyone else’s work, on the website. Thinking back, I’m really happy that my group of four in class — Brionna, Sarah, Drew, and me — worked out the way it did, and I’m so thankful for all of the free, amazing experiences and opportunities given to me here. Though only a few hours remain for my Greene experience, I certainly can’t wait to spend the next half-or-so day with all of the amazing students and professors that I’ve met here.

Fantastic Four minus one. Photo by Wasim Ahmad.