“Is this mic on?”

Okay, for starters, that actually is a complicated question. The microphone for our video cam had an on/off switch, and when it was switched on, the mic showed the ‘ON’ engraved on the mic — except then we weren’t sure whether or not the switch was supposed to be on top of the ‘ON’ engraving while it was on (and therefore covering it) or revealing the ‘ON’ engraving. So long story short, we got some sound, and we lost some sound. But at least we got great video shots for our interviews!

We got to interview Marcy McGinnis and Greene Team alum Jeff Stern who is now a communications major at Elon University. It was kind of funny because, amidst our “technical difficulties,” Jeff told us a story about a time he forgot to turn on his mic during his stay at the Greene Institute. He was venturing around the Bethpage Ballpark during the Ducks game trip and suddenly had the idea of sneaking onto the field with his faux press pass. Officials actually let him on the field, and he got to interview the Long Island Ducks‘ coach. However, he later found that his mic was off the whole time. Well, the same mic situation happened with us and Professor McGinnis today, which was a minor setback, but luckily it didn’t affect our project too much.

I prefer devices without mics. / Photo by Kristen Lee

By the way, today was by far the most stressful day of the program — our work has officially started! By now, everything seems like a blur, but what I remember most clearly is the end of the film festival. It was super late, and my contacts were literally popping out of my eyes. However, we got a bunch of great footage (with sound!) of really intelligent people responding to the film, The Tree.  I’m excited to write the film review tomorrow!