Looking forward, looking back

I finished! I just completed my fan reaction video on the film festival and I have to say I have no idea how video editors could possibly spend a whole day editing a piece for a product of only 50 seconds! I have so much more respect for broadcast journalists now that I have been put in their position.

Brittany Planking

After a long day of reporting it's good to have some fun! photo by Christine Angell

I have never used a Mac before this workshop and I have never really edited video before this workshop. Having your entire piece dependent on technology functioning properly is so frustrating. I just happened to step on the on/off switch on my power strip, turning off my computer four times throughout the day.

I am extremely happy to be finished with all my projects, but I am also a little upset that our week together is over. All of the Greene Team members have connected in a way I would have never expected 16 strangers ever could.

Whether we are singing on the bus or buying out the SAC, we always have a good time. This experience has me so excited for my future both in college and in my career as a journalist.