Sleep, rest, zzz’s

A Team catching up on some much needed sleep. Photo taken by Ana Rios

“We love following the Greene Team on the website everyday and reading all the bios/blogs that have been posted, KEEP IT UP!” I received this text message from my parents the other day, two days since my last blog post. I admit that I have been lacking in my updates, but we’ve been so busy with countless field trips, project after project and unforgettable experiences. How many people can say they ran a newscast at Stony Brook’s School of Journalism television studio, or met and spoke with the anchor of WLNY TV 10/55, Richard Rose?

The days here may be long, but there’s never a dull moment. This program will easily be the highlight of my summer and something that I will recommend for anyone interested in a career affiliated with journalism.

Most members of the Greene Team get along as if they have known each for ages, which in reality has been five days. Being on the move 14 hours a day can be a lot, especially when most of us are running on little sleep and recovering from a rigorous day of events, but we don’t mind.

When we don’t get enough rest, we don’t complain. Why should we? Compromising a few hours of sleep for unforgettable memories is something everyone here would agree with. Not taking advantage of this amazing opportunity would be a crime. Not everyone is offered a chance like this.