Thank you, Greene Team

As the third annual Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists comes to a close, the faculty members are feeling just as nostalgic as the team members themselves. Given the intensity of the week, it may have felt at times like it was not going to end. But like all things, we knew it would. And soon.

We’re amazed each year how quickly a group of young journalists can grow, learn — and bond — during their week here. It’s gratifying to feel like we’re making a difference in students’ lives. We added a student blog this year and the insights it gave us into their experiences here was informative, entertaining and frequently quite moving. The positive feedback from friends and family members reinforced the great work the students were doing and inspired us to carry on.

For my colleague, Zachary Dowdy, and I, the Greene program is a labor of love. We were both students of Bob Greene’s here at Stony Brook and to be a part of this program that he imagined is an honor.┬áBob was a hard-driving editor who enjoyed life to the fullest. He would have felt right at home among this year’s group of fun-loving and dedicated journalists. Like him, they knew when to buckle down and when to cut loose. They did both with gusto, as you’ll see from this site.

The Greene Gazette would not be possible without the incredible dedication and meticulous attention to detail of our friend and colleague Wasim Ahmad. His contributions here were legion, and we’re so grateful.

Thank you, Greene Team parents, for trusting us with your sons and daughters this week. We hope the time we have shared with them allows them to continue to grow as journalists and as young adults.

And thanks, Greene Team. We appreciate all the effort you put into each blog post, story, video and photo. This is your site. Bob would be proud.

Congratulations to the 2011 Greene Team from Zachary Dowdy, Cathrine Duffy and Wasim Ahmad.

Congratulations to the 2011 Greene Team from Zachary Dowdy, Cathrine Duffy and Wasim Ahmad.