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Stop changing the titles of my blog posts, Professor Ahmad

Tweet Editing is the best, except when it isn’t. Today, we spent a lot of time going over all the things we had done so far — written articles, videos, photos — in preparation for putting them up on the … Continue reading

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It’s over?

It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks…except that really it was only the best of weeks. I’ve learned so much in the past six days – from my professors, my peers, the people that I’ve gotten to interview and write about, the people who refused to be interviewed. Continue reading

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For some students, summer means science

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During the summer, a slightly younger demographic arrives on campus, ready to participate in various intensive programs that give high school students the chance to get involved in hands-on research. Continue reading

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Cameras on Cameras

Interviewing people for our story on summer high school research programs; misusing the autofocus button. Continue reading

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Weighing our words; More mad scientist news

I always have trouble with writing a lot and writing quickly – probably not the best thing for an aspiring journalist. Each word of this blog post, for example, is being carefully weighed for a few seconds before I put it down. Continue reading

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Darrell Jones II: Sports jock turns sports journo at Greene j-camp

Darrell Jones II

Darrell Jones knows good advice when he hears it, and when his mom told him that he should take a look at Stony Brook University’s journalism program for high school students, he jumped at the chance to try something different. Continue reading

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Interesting angles

Tweet Yesterday – writing, blogging, a press conference and a lesson on shooting things from interesting angles. But most importantly… …we were let near the cameras!

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We have a problem: Mad scientists – stay tuned for more

I would write about my dorm (it’s nice, sort of) or the reasons I wanted to be in this program (many and fascinating), but I think we might have a more pressing problem on our hands: mad scientists. Continue reading

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