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More than meets the eye

For the past year, all I’ve heard about is college, college, college, and the thought of it has always scared me. I really do like learning a lot. Continue reading

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Giving student athletes a new home on campus

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Stony Brook unveiled the Dubin Athletic Performance Center last month. Glen Dubin, a Stony Brook graduate, donated the $4.3 million used to build the center, making his donation the largest athletic gift to university. Continue reading

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A baseball game to a non-baseball fan

I’ve never been much of a sports person, but the game yesterday gave me a new perspective on sports. It wasn’t just about the game, it was about a sense of community and unity and an exciting atmosphere. Continue reading

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Rachel Siford: Lover of both achievement and mayhem

Rachel Siford

Rachel Siford is a high achiever who is drawn to the dark side. She likes her As and her novels about sex, drugs and mayhem. “That’s me,” she joked. “I feel like I might have a dark side inside of me.” Continue reading

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Seeing things through a new lens

Tweet I have always been a terrible photographer. Artsy pictures in black-and-white were out of the question, and even something as simple as “Hey Katie, could you take a picture of us?” was destined to end badly. Half the time … Continue reading

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My first day at the Summer Insitute

I was worried about making friends and cliques, but everyone is very friendly and it’s been really interesting meeting people with similar interests as me. I look forward to using the skills I learn at this institute about discovering the truth, whether I go into journalism or creative writing. Continue reading

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