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New food options for Duck fans – fare or fowl?

Families can choose from a wide variety of food at the Duck Club Restaurant and Bar. Photo by Darrell Jones

The people at Centerplate, who provide the food at the concessions stands at the Ducks’ stadium, keep in mind the fans with special dietary needs. Continue reading

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Making dad proud (or maybe just jealous)

My family is crazy. Baseball crazy to be exact. Odds are if there is no answer at the Neal family door it is because it is baseball season (though for us that is summer, spring AND fall). My dad and brother are the worst (or the best, depending how you look at it). Continue reading

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Things to avoid if you get motion sickness

Avoid these, or face severe motion sickness. Continue reading

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Technology for dummies

While I came here for writing as my main objective, being exposed to other forms of journalism has been quite rewarding. I am also very excited for learning about the online side of journalism since this year my high school paper (Horizon) is launching a website. I am happy that I will be able to go home and say that I have experience with technology that was so foreign to me beforehand. Continue reading

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Matthew Maron: Reviving journalism

Matthew Maron

After Matthew Maron uncovered an old high school newspaper, he decided to revive the paper after almost 10 years of collecting dust. This, among other things, have sparked his interest in journalism and led him to take the Bob Greene Summer Institute at Stony Brook University. Continue reading

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First Impressions of SBU

Tweet I am starting become skeptical of the horror stories I have heard about college dorms. Other than the occasional strange sounds from outside (garbage trucks and car alarms) my first night here at SBU was quite enjoyable. Walking into … Continue reading

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