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The hardest week of my life. The greatest week of my life.

We all come here, slightly timid, quite excited, and of course nervous. We come expecting hard work and get unbelievably difficult piles of stress. Continue reading

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Harder than it looks

I’ll admit it. I don’t think I’ve written a true news article since freshman year. My time as a member of my school’s Cover Times has been spent writing opinionated editorial, jam packed with ideas and bit of bias. Continue reading

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More than a mascot

QuackerJack quacks "Happy Birthday" to four of his young fans on July 24, 2012 at Bethpage Ballpark. Photo by Lyla Dale

At Bethpage Ballpark, home of the Long Island Ducks, it’s the entertainment between the innings that has fans coming back for more. Continue reading

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A change of heart on sports journalism

I’ll admit it, before today I looked at sports writers as the jocks of the journalism world. All brawn, no brain. How could a Yankee game compare to something as incredibly important as a presidential election or a scandal on Wall Street? Continue reading

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Rebecca Lewis: Call her a ‘realist’

Rebecca Lewis

Instead of reading Cosmo like many teenage girls, Rebecca Lewis prefers to stick her nose into a dusty comic book. Preferably one about her hero, Batman. Continue reading

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Something old, something new

Tweet Today’s four-hour crash course in photography was like visiting an old friend. I’ve always enjoyed photography and actually knowing what Professor Williams was talking about when he started going into apertures and shutter speeds was refreshing. Our video lesson with Professor … Continue reading

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Just another room?

Tweet The room I slept in last night was typical. It had four walls, two beds, two night stands, two closets and two desks. It’s an average two-person dorm room, or as the officials at Stony Brook prefer, “Residence Hall.” … Continue reading

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