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Chess + Ping-Pong = Disaster

Last night I played a game of chess with Matt Kolbert using pieces and a board I brought myself. We were playing in the same room where people were playing ping-pong, and many times the ball landed on the board and knocked over pieces, causing us to have to figure out which ones went where. Continue reading

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Twin sisters’ bond tested by young love


This is not simply a story of people from two different worlds meeting and falling in love, but a story of sisters struggling to maintain their bond while trying to gain their own lives. Continue reading

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A picture is worth 1/1000 shutter speed

I loved learning the new techniques and getting to go outside to take photos. There was large room for creativity, and there’s really nothing I enjoy more than that. Continue reading

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Learning how to NOT be Masters of the Tao

We learned that in order to master the Tao of writing poorly, we must assume we are always right; we must never check the accuracy of facts, grammar, and syntax. We must be vague and indirect, confusing the reader with complex and made-up words. Sentences should be dragged on to be as long as possible. It also helps to constantly use the verb “to be” so we can avoid using a large vocabulary. Continue reading

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Katherine Zito: Inspired to fight social injustices

Katherine Zito

Inspired by such books as “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Katherine Zito has long had  a passion for social justice. Now she is acting on that passion. As a senior at Baldwin High School, she joined the school’s newspaper “The Golden Wave.” Continue reading

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Game of hilarious comparisons links new friends

Definitely the largest game of Apples to Apples I have ever played. Continue reading

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