New faces, experiences, cool gadgets in Greene program

Stony Brook is great! I love traveling and having new experiences. Seeing new faces, places, and things is intriguing to me. The Greene program is like sleep away camp, but better!  Unlike sleep away camp, there is access to computers and other cool gadgets. Also, the dorms are more roomy and more comfortable than I thought they would be. Since I am not familiar with the Stony Brook area, it helps that the teachers and students are really friendly and welcoming. I look forward to getting to know more individuals and visiting more places.

It will be refreshing to be able to go to the planned various locations during my time here. I am still adapting to the Stony Brook area, but cannot wait for the journalistic adventure that lies outside of the campus. Newsday seems like quite an interesting place to visit and will definitely teach me new things about the business. I absolutely love writing articles, but am not so familiar with being in front of the camera. Broadcast is a little nerve-racking, but it would be fun to explore different skills. I am no photographer, but I enjoyed myself in the photojournalism class and now want to learn more about the art of taking pictures. I also can’t wait to venture into the other areas of journalism! I have had so much fun and am already thinking about being a part of the Greene team again next year!

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