Blog #1: Not too shabby

I have survived the first night here at Stony Brook. My roommate, Yardalie, is so nice and a really good singer. I always mispronounce her name, so I gave her the nickname “Yaya.” She says she likes it, so it works. Last night I finally convinced Yaya and my other friend Noelia to sing. The kids here are all so talented and diverse. Last night we all ordered pizza and watched Monsters University. Despite how juvenile the movie sounds, it’s actually very entertaining. The staff here is really welcoming too.

We went to bed earlier than expected, around midnight, and woke up pretty early. Let’s just say I’m not a morning person. We made our way over to the Student Activities Center, or the SAC. I enjoyed an overwhelmingly healthy meal of Lucky Charms and a sesame bagel. We are now sitting in the (very chilly) newsroom, writing these blogs. Earlier, we researched the new Stony Brook Athletic Director. Shawn Heilbron. It feels so weird to be researching and gathering interview questions. Although it’s only been four weeks since I last did this, it feels like forever.

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