First Blog

The first day of the Greene Team has officially started and so has the ‘college life.’

The residence hall, the ‘SAC’ (Student Activities Center), the lounge, and the actual dorms are all new things to me. In my sixteen years of existence, I have never shared a room with anyone. I can also say it has not been a hard adjustment, with the spacious rooms and semi-comfortable beds. Not the worst, not the best.

I’m also very comfortable with my roommate considering she goes to my school and we have known each other throughout the school year. It has been smooth sailing so far. The code to get into the bathroom is a struggle in itself, but the breeze from the fans makes it all better.  The newsroom is also my new favorite place. It is also where this picture was taken:

Jacqueline Napolitano and Laura Fallick
Jacqueline Napolitano and Laura Fallick in the School of Journalism’s newsroom at Stony Brook University on Monday, July 21, 2014. Photo by Jacqueline Napolitano.
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2 thoughts on “First Blog”

  1. What a wonderful opportunity. We are so proud of you Jacqueline and know that you will garnish wonderful memories from this experience! Enjoy and blog away so that we too can enjoy your ride. All our love,
    Aunt Carolyn & Uncle Alfred

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