Cops and cotton candy ice cream on campus

Two blog posts in one day – and what a day it’s been!

a selfie with Mary Kate!
A selfie with Mary Kate!

Today was our last photography session with John Williams and, despite yesterday’s epic photo fail, I was pictured in and took pictures that were of semi-decent quality. Progress!

A really neat photo by Mary Kate Guma — Facebook profile material for sure.

Afterwards, it was off to a film lesson that led into something of a frenzy – all of a sudden, it was time for my team to pursue the interview for our big story – subject not researched, questions unprepared, and bus across campus missed. Oops.

On our walk to the police station, Professor Ahmad filled us in on the story: in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Stony Brook created a high-tech Emergency Operations Center – definitely interesting, and not insanely stressful to cover, as I’d feared when we suddenly left the newsroom.

So, again, another interesting journalistic experience, this time with camera equipment and the on-camera interview process (another surprise was that an inspector at the police station was from Massapequa and knew my aunt; it’s a small world after all!) – with lots of useful video and pictures gathered for our piece.

And, again, we missed the bus.

While it was, again, a long and hot walk, it actually ended up being a really pleasant portion of the day. The glimpses of campus along the way were quite pretty, far exceeding what I’d expected from a college campus. Additionally, Professor Ahmad had some really interesting stories from the field to tell along the way (although his opinion of steak is waaaay wrong~).

My team arrived back to the Greene corner of campus just in time for dinner. In sweaty desperation and uncertainty on my choice of meal, the obvious decision was to stand in front of the open freezer for a good few chilly minutes, pretending to deliberate my dinner from the selection of ice cream – a ridiculous idea, until it came to me that it was actually perfect. Thus, that chunk of the day was capped off with cotton candy ice cream (sorry, Mom).

Jason enjoying a nutritious dinner.
Jason enjoying a nutritious dinner as well.

Next, it was time for film editing and, lastly, blogging. So, here we are.

Tomorrow will be packed with field trips, crazy cool journalistic experience, and, of course, fun (and selfies).

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