Reporting for the Greene Team hits home

Yesterday, my first full day with the Greene Team, was incredible.  We reviewed a vast array topics in journalism in only about twelve hours. In one day, I think I’ve learned more about journalism than I did in one week at another journalism program.  Not only am I learning a lot about it, but also I am roaming the campus and becoming familiar with Stony Brook University.

Jacqueline walking while Laura practices panning (a type of picture-taking).

Going outside to take pictures with Newsday Assistant Photo Editor John Conrad Williams and recording multiple ten-second videos with SBU Journalism Professor Rick Ricioppo gave me insight into college life if I plan to go into journalism in the future.  I’m amazed by the nature of the campus—trees, flowers, fountains, shrubbery, and just the people walking, skateboarding and riding bikes intrigues me.

The variety of ethnicity and culture surrounding me makes me feel not at home, which is refreshing.  I enjoy experiencing life other than in my own town and cannot wait to continue my one-week adventure with the Greene Team.  Not to mention, building stronger bonds with my new friends.

Laura interviewing Debra Giugliano, head of the program.
Tonight was life-changing. I was assigned to conduct interviews at The Daniel Brooks Memorial Education Award for Students with Cancer reception and celebration. Going into the interview, I was ecstatic, to say the least. I felt as if I was a professional journalist on the first day of the job. When conducting the interview and writing, Colin alongside of me, Lisa taking snapshots, and Lea recording, I felt like we were actual press, reporting for local news. Not only did it feel like I was a pro journalist, I also saw the survivors’ reactions, as well as their families’ reactions. Knowing those teenagers, only a few years older than me, had cancer previously, I felt like I have taken everything for granted.

Laura interviewing cancer survivor Maria Garcia.
Hearing a speech from a leukemia survivor, Alexis, tears were brought to my eyes. I don’t think I will look at things the same way I do now. Also, interviewing Maria Garcia, 18, I felt a boost of happiness with her positive attitude and infectious smile when speaking about her recovery. Not only do I see things from a different perspective, I started thinking about a loved one who passed away from cancer last year. His name was Jack. Jack was the sweetest, most genuine man I have ever met in my whole seventeen years. Having thought of him again made me realize that I need to be more down to earth, more personable. He, to this day, makes me a better person. The reception and personal accounts regarding cancer made tonight special. I’m glad I had the opportunity to interview cancer survivors, listen to speeches by directors, and have fond memories brought back.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store.

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