Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor: Teen scribe and lit scholar

Many people might find planning for the future a scary topic. However, the future is clear to Courtney—receiving her doctorate in English literature.

Although Courtney is planning on pursuing an English major degree, she’s currently in the Robert W. Greene Institute for High School Journalists program at Stony Brook University.

When asked why she chose a journalism camp, Courtney responded, “My interest in journalism began when I took a creative writing class last year at my school that was linked to a journalism one. I had never been interested in journalism before, but the class piqued my interest and made me want to learn more.”

Being 17 years old and going into her senior year in high school, Courtney faces the pressures of choosing the right colleges for herself after her final year in high school while juggling living at home with five siblings and trying to get her schoolwork done.

With all of these challenges, Courtney’s family knows her goals and shares her vision.

Lauren, Courtney’s older sister, said, “Courtney’s always loved to write, so she’ll definitely enjoy being at Stony Brook learning at the journalism camp.” Sandra, Courtney’s mother, said Courtney has had a passion for writing from a young age.

“In first grade, she’d bring stories she wrote to school and have the teacher read them during ‘circle time’ —so, she’s always been interested in writing,” her mother said.

Based on her older sister and her mother’s opinions it is clear that Courtney has always had a talent for writing.

Courtney, who currently attends Massapequa High School, has written many articles and papers that have been published in her school newspaper, which shows a commitment to a higher standard of writing. Courtney finds inspiration in Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America.”

She thoroughly enjoys watching him on the news and hearing everything he has to share with the public. When Courtney isn’t spending time at school, she likes to pick up on some of her hobbies.

“My hobbies include reading, writing and acting,” Courtney said, adding, “I’m president of the drama club at my high school.”

All of her hobbies have helped to guide her in making a decision to major in English literature. Courtney believes there is truth in the saying that everything you do paves the way for what you are going to do in the future, including the Journalism Camp.

Timothy, Courtney’s father agrees: “I remember reading Robert W. Greene’s work and since Courtney is a writer too, I’m really proud of her for getting a place in such a program.”

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