Greene’s legacy fulfilled

Coordinators and volunteers
Greene Team volunteers Briana Finneran, Rebecca Anzel, Nicole Siciliano and Frank Posillico stand in the newsroom with Institute Coordinators Zachary Dowdy, Cathrine Duffy and Wasim Ahmad after finishing on Friday, July 25, 2014.
Being a member of the Greene Team has always been a privilege for journalists — in the days when Bob Greene headed the investigations unit at Newsday and over the past six years, when high school journalists have taken part in this program named in his honor.

Each summer, Greene Team members have embraced the ideals Bob held so dear: honest, thorough reporting; hard work and tenacity in the service of the public good.

We never said it would be easy. It’s not. Bob was one of the toughest and beloved editors in American journalism. He had high standards because he cared about his reporters and his community. The program founded in his name must live up to the same ideals.

We did say that this work could be rewarding beyond measure and that some of the young journalists who work alongside us — students of Bob’s methods and standards — would be changed forever.

We were impressed with this year’s Greene Team members who rose up to the challenge. Once again, Bob would be proud.

- Zack, Cathrine and Wasim

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