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Lisa Angell

Lisa Angell: In it for the story

Telling stories is what sparked young Lisa Angell’s interest in the field of journalism.

“I was always watching the news and I naturally liked being in the loop,” said Lisa.

Lisa attends Mattituck High School, where she was a part of the school newspaper for her freshman and sophomore years. She then realized her love for film and transferred to her school’s broadcasting class for her junior year. Lisa plans to continue her study of news broadcasting into her senior year.

“It is by far my favorite class,” Lisa said. “It has made me love film editing even more.”

Lisa found out about the Greene Institute from her sister, Christine, who attended in 2011. “She had such a great experience I wanted to apply as well,” she said. Getting into the Greene program is one of Lisa’s biggest accomplishments in her journalism career so far, she said.

“Lisa is really driven and passionate about everything she does,” said Christine Angell, now a rising senior at Fairfield University in Connecticut. “When Lisa decides to do something she always follows through in a big way. I think that kind of energy is great for the program.”

Television has always been Lisa’s favorite journalistic medium.  “My career goal is to become an editor for TV or movies,” Lisa said. “If somehow I could find a way to incorporate journalism whether it be through news or documentary style pieces, that would be fantastic to bring all my interests together.”

Lisa’s broadcast journalism teacher, John Roslak, said he is impressed by her enthusiasm when it comes to helping others.

“How does Lisa contribute? How does she not — would be a simpler question,” Roslak said. “Lisa is one who is called upon continuously as fellow students know when they need something done, she will do it without hesitation.”

Besides journalism, Lisa plays volleyball, basketball and softball at the varsity level. She is the captain of her softball team and is the head pitcher. Lisa also plays an active role in student government as her class president. She also is a member of DECA, a business club.

“I like to be involved and my peers can count on me whenever they need assistance,” Lisa said.

Lisa incorporates journalism in her activities outside of the classroom. She says using the skills she learns in her journalism class has helped her in the real world.

“Running for class president I used social media a lot for my campaign,” Lisa said. “Also, when my volleyball team won the Long Island Championships, I made a news video for my broadcast class like a highlight reel.”

Lisa said she loves doing research to discover new ideas about what she writes about. Making sure she has a reliable source has been a struggle in her career as a journalist. For an AP assignment on how women are portrayed in the media, Lisa took a different approach than most of her classmates and wrote about how sex sells.

“It was a really fun paper to write because I love science and controversial issues,” she said. “Doing the all the research was hard because it is so controversial and hard to make sure sources are reliable.”

Covering stories that capture her audience’s attention is what Lisa strives to do when she is out reporting, she said. Sports are definitely one of her favorite topics to cover.

Traveling the world while covering stories would be a dream, Lisa said. “It would be awesome to be able to see the world and experience other cultures while doing what I love.”

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