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The end

Last Day on the job

Yesterday was quite the experience. Being in a newsroom for more than ten hours working on multiple projects is stressful, but rewarding. Since I filmed the footage we took at the Ducks game on Wednesday, I had the job of scripting/editing the whole thing. This is really my favorite part of it all. It’s incredible to see everything come together and you end up with such a complete project. Although this process was at times painful and overwhelming, in the end it’s all worth it.

For me, today is more of a relaxed day because I am practically done with my assignments. I think the video came out really good and I’m proud of my team for producing such a cool piece of work. I hope everyone else that sees it likes it as much as I do.

I’m really going to miss all the people I met here. At first, I was hesitant to whether I would click with any of the other students here, but now there is no doubt in my mind these people will be my friends after we leave Stony Brook. Everyone here is so open-minded and ambitious. It’s refreshing to see young people be so passionate about something, while having a blast at the same time.

I also hadn’t seen Reid since freshman year, so reuniting with him has been awesome. It’s weird how even after a long period of time, some friendships can pick up right where they left off. Plus, Lisa is now a homegirl. I really hope all of us hang out after this program and stay connected throughout high school, and even college.

I have learned so much this week that I never thought I would have. Even though some activities weren’t exactly my favorite, in the end they helped me become a more well-rounded journalist.

I’m still not exactly sure if I want to become a journalist. I think I just don’t want to restrict myself to one career just yet. Trying out all these new things has been really beneficial to me. Learning photography with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John Williams was such a cool opportunity. I’m excited to take these skills back to Shelter Island’s journalism program.

P.S. Hi Emma if you’re reading this. :)



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Reid Rubio

Reid Rubio: A track record of success in journalism

Reid Rubio comes to the 2014 Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists program with impressive skill. Only a sophomore, he was chosen to join Westhampton Beach High School’s broadcast journalism class—a seniors-only program.

Since then, his skill has only grown: as a part of the weekly “Hurricane Watch” program at his school, he has worked in editing, both as an anchor and as director of installments. The program was his first experience in journalism, and he instantly immersed himself and was surprisingly adept at each task given to him, he said.

Teacher Kirsten Philips, who selected Reid for the program, can attest to this.

“Reid is by far one of the best broadcast journalism students in my class this year,” she said. “I recommended him for this program because I believed that it would be a perfect match for him.”

A perfect match it was: In an installment of “Hurricane Watch,” Reid was able to create his favorite “package”—a piece on the Winter Olympics of 2014, in which he used a green screen and created his own virtual set.

In other packages as well, Reid has been able to develop new skills in all avenues of journalism, particularly digital news and other new media outlets. A valued member of “Hurricane Watch,” Reid is a talented student with a passion for well-told news stories.

Outside of his past experience, Reid, a rising junior, comes to the Greene program with an important task: he arrives at Stony Brook this summer to determine whether pursuing journalism in college is the right path for him.

“I am actually in this program to find that out for myself,” he said.

While he does enjoy journalism, he is conflicted about whether or not he would enjoy it as a lifelong career. This summer will not only be important in enhancing journalistic skill, but in paving the path to his future.

His mother, Stacy Rubio, said she can also see the value in Reid attending the Greene program: “I believe that this program will be a great decider for Reid to see whether or not he will pursue a career in this field in the future.”

His broadcast teacher, Mr. Philips, informed him that the Greene program would be “a blast,” as did peer Emma Galasso, a Greene Team alumna from Reid’s school.

“She said that I would shine out at this camp and believes I have a career inside of it.” Reid said, a smile on his face. After this summer’s program, his answer will be determined and, perhaps, a career in journalism pursued.

Reid had an answer at the ready when asked about his favorite journalist.

“Robin Roberts,” he said enthusiastically. “She is such an inspiration with her amazing stories of how she brought “Good Morning America” to being one of the most-watched morning news programs in the nation. My mom got to meet her last month, and [she] told me all about just how great of a person Robin really is.”

The written word is not his only passion, however—he has an athletic side as well. Reid is a year-round competitive swimmer for Westhampton Beach’s varsity swim team, as well as a swimmer for Islanders Aquatics.

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