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Mary Kate Guma: multimedia reporter (just kidding)

I sat in the same chair for about ten hours yesterday. It was an exciting time.

In the morning, Sharon and I worked on a story for the website about a 9/11 memorial at Bethpage Ballpark, and at that point, I still had quite a bit of energy, so it really wasn’t unpleasant. Then we met with Bob Herzog one last time so he could edit it, which was actually really nice.

He edited the story without losing the flavor we had created, and everything he said and reworked made sense. I was definitely glad he was a temporary Greene Team member. He was so conversational and friendly, and yet managed to teach us about sports reporting too. I was sad to see him go yesterday.

After the written piece, Sharon and I continued with the story by working on the script for our video clip, and that was and long and tortuous process, let me tell you. Script writing is not as easy as it sounds, though I believe Sharon did have fun recording it in the sound booth.

Then the real work began, sometime around six last night. We started putting the video together, which again, is more complicated than it sounds. I had never used FinalCut before, and though I got the general hang of it, anybody can just throw clips together, arranging them in a virtually pleasing, coherent, concise way is not something I have the hang of yet.

I’m still working on it, though. This morning, Sharon and I are trying to finish off the video. We need to learn how to put “lower thirds” into the video, and just get some general aid and hopefully, we should be done shortly. Fingers crossed!

(Quick update: We’re done! The story is finished and we’ve had pizza for lunch.)

Stony Brook’s Senior Associate Dean of Admissions Robert Pertusati came to speak to us about college which was actually really helpful. I don’t have any clue what I’m doing when it comes to college admissions, so any advice I can get is good advice. And I actually find it kind of exciting. It’s like a giant race, one in which hundreds of thousands of teenagers are running. I’m naturally very competitive, so the idea just kind of appeals to me. Just the idea, though—I don’t think I’ll be crazy about the process of being accepted or denied!

By the way, in case my title gets edited, I just want to make it clear I do not consider myself a skilled multimedia reporter. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just following Newsday reporter Lauren Harrison’s advice —Fake it ’til you make it.)

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Lots of work can be lots of fun

Yesterday the Greene Team went to Newsday and the Ducks game. Baseball has been my favorite pastime since I was about six years old, when my dad and I had our first catch, so I was really looking forward to the game. Also, I was excited to see my dad again who is a News Editor/Daytime Copy Chief at Newsday. I have been to Newsday many times and still enjoy the aura of the newsroom. The chattering, clicking, and typing is like music to my ears because I know these noises are making great newspapers, which is what I would like to do.

Lauren Harrison
Newsday reporter Lauren Harrison speaks to the Greene Team on Wednesday, July 23, 2014. Photo by Wasim Ahmad.
One of the speakers at Newsday had a great impact on me. Lauren Harrison is a reporter who spoke about how to begin your journalistic career and tips to speed up the process. She told the Greene Team how she got started with journalism — writing in a notepad when she saw something interesting or noteworthy. She has inspired me to make an effort in talking to journalism professionals as well as taking notes when I see something out of the ordinary.  I’d like to thank her for her inspiring words of wisdom.

Ducks Game
Ducks game by Laura Fallick.
After the fun and enlightening experience at Newsday, we went to the Ducks Game, an event that I have looked forward to since day one of this program. My group’s story idea is about America’s favorite pastime, baseball, and if it is alive and well. We decided to interview young children and get their view on this topic. This time, I was the photographer, which was thrilling. I took many pictures of baseball teams, boy scouts, and kids with quackers, foam fingers, and more. Seeing the children having such a great time and being so enthusiastic made me very happy. It looked like none of the kids had a worry in the world, something that is hard to see nowadays. The Ducks game not only helped me become a more experienced photographer, it made me see there are people in the world who can be so happy.

Studio B by Laura Fallick
Studio B by Laura Fallick
I haven’t forgotten about the beginning of yesterday. In the morning, we went to Studio B, the TV studio at SBU. This was another exciting experience I was looking forward to. There were many different jobs to do, and I completed almost all of them. My favorite job was in audio. Pushing different buttons and being in charge of the transitions on the news report was exhilarating. I had never experienced something like that before.  It may be something I would like to focus on later in my journalism career. An aspect I did not like was broadcasting and being the reporter. At first, I was excited to be on TV, something most people aspire to do. When I was told I had to improve an aspect of my physical appearance, I knew I would never want to be a broadcaster. I felt upset, even though I knew it was what everyone has to go through in the broadcasting process. My friend, too, was told her hair wasn’t on point and should’ve been neater for TV. I am glad I had that experience, though. I know what aspects of journalism I may or may not want to pursue.

Day four was full of fun and today is full of work, also fun but very challenging. I can’t wait.

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