Finally rid of my parents! 

By Tara O’Donovan
July 20, 2015

By Tara O’Donovan

I couldn’t help but smile the whole car ride over. It’s a taste of college and I’m loving it.

Of course not having my parents breathing down my neck is always a plus, but I miss my brother, best friend, and adorable(ish) dog. My young pup, Gracie, hurt her leg the day before I was to leave. I’m hoping everything will be okay once I’m home.

Although there are no crazy parties, I have met such amazing people. The very first person I saw was Solyman. He was my partner to write a profile, go figure. I enjoyed getting to know someone before coming here. It helped knowing that I had at least one friend going in this program. My roomie, Kelsey, is so sweet. We’re really alike actually. We both like the same music, staying up late, and sports.

Today was a bit boring, I’ll be honest, but informational. I’m already thinking of all sorts of stories I could cover and this whole blogging thing isn’t so bad. What I’m really looking forward to is Wednesday. I can’t wait to see an actual newsroom and cover an event at the Ducks game. Here I get a taste of everything. Not sure yet if I want to do more — print or broadcasting, but this week will give me what I need to know to be exceptional as a journalist in the future.

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