Frame by frame

By Tara O’Donovan
July 21, 2015

A view from my seat in the newsroom.
A view from my seat in the newsroom.

Writing for the school paper has always been an adventure from the start, but I have a special place in my heart for broadcasting. After winning an award at the Hofstra High School Journalism Awards I knew I found something I loved and seemed to be good at. Shooting and editing are my favorite components involved. Professor Ricioppo taught us our first lesson right off the bat about what’s involved. He gave plenty of information in just a few hours. I had already been taught about shot types at my school, but sound bites and layers were a whole another ballgame. Professor Duffy and Dowdy are great as well, there’s no doubt my writing will definitely improve, but I’m eager to learn more from Professor Ricioppo. Talking to him I felt intimated, but hopefully I’ll be able to “wow” him by the end. Not sure if he likes me or hates me, but I’ll find out soon enough, who knows maybe I’ll become one of his students in the near future.

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