Kelsey Larkin: Driven to succeed

By Amoy Brown
Hempstead High School

Kelsey Larkin is a 16-year-old rising senior at Newfield High School in Selden with a passion for photography. She is an outgoing, friendly, laid back and determined individual.

“I prefer to stay out the mix and be as drama-free as possible,” Kelsey said.

She is a vegetarian as she tries to maintain a healthy life to aid in her many interests, including playing on her school’s varsity girls’ soccer and basketball teams.

Drawing is another of her hobbies. “It is an easy way or me to express myself without having to say anything,” Kelsey said, adding that she’s excited to delve into photojournalism.

In elementary school, reading and writing were not her best subjects. She was placed in resource rooms for assistance with her work in these subjects. This however did not hold her back. She persevered through these struggles, developing a love for writing and English became her favorite subject.

“I had the right teachers at the time that pushed me to get to the point that I’m at now,” Kelsey said. “I knew I could do better.”

Kelsey said she pushed herself to improve her reading and writing. “The biggest thing was I didn’t want to be in there in the first place” she said. “I stayed after school, I went to school early. It was sometimes stressful. It was definitely nice being out. I felt accomplished.”

She is now able to maintain above a 90 grade point average in all school subjects.

Being the youngest of three siblings and coming from a small town where everyone knows everyone, Kelsey said she has developed a “go with the flow” attitude. She tries to keep an open mind about most situations. “Being closed minded creates limitations,” Kelsey said.

In her spare time, when she is not on the basketball court or drawing, Kelsey works for her art teacher, modeling and photographing her teacher’s personal jewelry line. Kelsey aspires to one day own her own magazine that depicts the issues faced by teenage girls such as body image, self esteem, and dealing with emotional issues.

Kelsey said she hopes to own her own photography studio as well and said she hopes the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists will be the perfect stepping stone in achieving these goals. “I’m really hoping this program helps me figure out what I want to do with my life and helps me to use my photos to tell a story.”