Greene team takes a field trip

By Shannon Kavanagh
July 25, 2015

Today we visited the Newsday headquarters and got the chance to ask professionals about their experiences as journalists. The walls in each hallway were covered in blown up pictures of headlines, stories, and photos that were in previous newspapers. Just by walking through the halls, I was able to learn so much about Newsday’s history and its growth over the years. 

The Greene Team outside Newsday.
The Greene Team outside Newsday.

One of my favorite parts of the tour was seeing the cartoons that were in previous newspapers. It was interesting because just simply looking at the cartoons told you so much about the point of view of the stories in which they were featured. I had very different expectations for Newsday’s news room. I thought that it would look more like Stony Brook’s news room, but it was split up into cubicles and had loose papers everywhere instead.

Another place that we visited was the SBU Broadcast Studio. This was such a new experience for me because I have never been to a TV studio or been on camera like I was today. The much-anticipated Ducks game was exciting and fun, but also tiring. My team covered the fan experience. It was a lot of fun being able to converse with fans about the experience they were having at the game. After the game was over, we stopped our working and watched the fireworks show. It was the best feeling to be able to finally sit down after all of the walking we did today.

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