Just keep swimming

By Tara O’Donovan
July 24, 2015

I just want to go home. This camp was fun and informative, but that was not the case today. Woke up with a “salty” attitude and went to bed with a “salty” attitude. Knowing that I had a story to write, scripts to get edited, and cover an additional story really took a toll on my anxiety. Professor Ahmed, aka Wasabi (insider with Jess), sent me to the top floor of the library to get a shot of the new building, but instead of capturing this photo I basically took a walk of shame back to the newsroom. While in the elevator trying to figure out what to tell him, the elevator comes to a halt between the 1st and 2nd floor. The lights flash and then go out, none of the buttons are working, and my cellphone was not on my person. I start breathing heavily fearing for my life and start pressing the fire button. Finally after 5-10 minutes everything turns back on. That was the cherry on my sundae.

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