Tolulope Adebayo: Writing with a global focus

By Joseph Bordino
East Hampton High School

Tolulope Adebayo, a senior at Baldwin High School, has a fiery passion for writing. She views it as an essential element of an individual’s freedom of expression.

“Everyone has a voice and that individual voice can be represented through writing,” Tolulope said. “Your thoughts flow continuously when you write, allowing you to fully express your voice.”

Tolulope’s work often receives praise from her teachers. Her father, as well as her AP English and European History teachers, inspired her to utilize her talent and pursue writing throughout her life.

“Tolulope’s writing is very strong and it will take her far,” said John Buglione, Tolulope’s AP European History teacher.

They encouraged Tolulope to apply for the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists.

“I was very hopeful about getting into the program,” Tolulope said. “I appreciate that I was chosen over so many other applicants.”

Although she is undecided about her future career, Tolulope sees great significance in journalism.

“I want prove to people that journalism isn’t a lost cause,” Tolulope said, adding that she sees journalism as a way of making people’s voices be heard when they otherwise wouldn’t be.

Tolulope plans on majoring in pre-law and minoring in journalism in college. In addition, she has future aspirations to travel the world, especially France, since she loves “everything French.”

“Their culture is highly valued and I’m intrigued by it,” said Tolulope.

She is especially interested in international journalism and would like to report on events around the world including the current financial crisis in Greece.

Tolulope is very interested in learning about journalism during her week at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute. “Journalism is a large spectrum, but once you narrow it down, you can see it is truly golden.”