Cameras, interviews and ambulances

By Elanor Peña-Humes
July 25, 2015

Day two waSnapchat--8728059276078150139s definitely eventful. I enjoyed learning from Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, J. Conrad Williams. His work is absolutely incredible. The way he captures stories with one photograph was jaw-dropping. The fact that I was able to learn even just the basics of photography from a man of such talent, that was an honor.  An honor that I will rub in all my friends’ faces.

After learning from a genius, my team and I walked all the way to the Stony Brook Hospital. Our assignment had to do with the SARAS program that runs for three weeks and held at the School of Medicine. I was very impressed by the SARAS program. It runs well and it’s in the good hands of Dr. Pentyala. I, however, did get a bit nervous interviewing especially since I was supposed to question students but I was also given staff. I had to improvise questions for staff and that honestly made me a million times more nervous. I still enjoyed interviewing and meeting those people and writing about this amazing program. I hope to improve my interviewing skills though. I’d like to give it one more shot.

Apart from the interview, I actually got a chance to be a patient at that very hospital. I went to the hospital due to swollen eye, but I met Stony Brook students who were very reassuring and awesome to talk to about college. We had laughs, made new acquaintances and I have about ten used ice packs in my dorm right now. I have never ridden in an ambulance before. Great Greene experience, I must say.

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