Last minute details

By Tara O’Donovan
July 25, 2015

Now it’s crunch time. It’s time to get all stories, photos and videos in. Tensions are growing high now, but thankfully my team avoided all mishaps. I finished editing my broadcast on safety pretty quickly. Sound bites and layers! Professor Ricioppo complimented my work and told me that I had real talent. I was filled with excitement and came to the conclusion that he did not hate me. I’m truly going to miss Greene team 2015. This may have just been a week, but it was a week well spent. I came in with one friend, but I’m leaving with 16 more. Going to miss my squad pics with my squad. Maybe Stony Brook will be in my future…

Came in as strangers, leaving as friends.
Came in as strangers, leaving as friends.

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