Cameras, interviews and ambulances

By Elanor Peña-Humes July 25, 2015 Day two was definitely eventful. I enjoyed learning from Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, J. Conrad Williams. His work is absolutely incredible. The way he captures stories with one photograph was jaw-dropping. The fact that I was able to learn even just the basics of photography from a man of such … Continue reading Cameras, interviews and ambulances

Exposing students to science, changing lives

In addition to lectures taught by Stony Brook faculty and staff, the program provides hands-on laboratory experience for students. The students do not learn by book, but “on the fly,” as Pentyala calls it.

616.4 miles, 7 days, a singular passion

By Eleanor Peña Humes July 19, 2015 The journey to the Greene program was indeed an adventure. I traveled 616.4 miles from Detroit, Michigan and arrived at 6:45 a.m. with crusty eyes and lion-like yawns. I visited Detroit to perform a public service and I saw another world that truly inspired me and fed my … Continue reading 616.4 miles, 7 days, a singular passion