A night at the movies

By Maria Perez and Sabrina Syed
The Greene Team

The constant ringing of a cash register could be heard in the lobby of Stony Brook University’s Staller Center theater as tickets were rapidly being sold for the 15th Annual Stony Brook Film Festival Wednesday night.

Staller Center Director Allan Inkles views more than 700 films and whittles them down to 20 or 30 for the festival.

“Inkles does a wonderful job researching films,”  said Gertrude Braunstien, a 1977 Stony Brook graduate who plans on attending all of the films playing this week. “I don’t know how he spends all this time, but he picks out wonderful stuff.”

A night at the movies

Patrons of the Stony Brook Film Festival purchase tickets at the Staller Center box office on Stony Brook University's campus on Tuesday, July 27, 2010. Photo by Maria Perez.

Volunteer Al Tyroles, 75, welcomes and greets the moviegoers. “There’s a lot of organization among the people that work here,” he said. “It takes many hours to get this prepped and set up.”

Patrons entered the theater and handed in their tickets and passes, eagerly making their way to their seats.  “I’m a movie buff — I have no real favorite genre,” said Stanley Braunstein, who has been coming to the festival with his wife Gertrude for the last 15 years.

It’s hard to enter the Staller Center theater and not come away awestruck. The 1,000-seat theater has the largest movie screen on Long Island, according to center Director Alan Inkles.