Profile: Megan Murphy

By Kelly Murray
The Greene Team

With the drive of a professional athlete and her school involvement, Megan Murphy is ready to take on anything.

Murphy, 17, a senior at The Wheatley School in Old Westbury, has a schedule filled to the brim with practices and games for three sports – volleyball, basketball and lacrosse. “It’s hard because I have to get home and do my homework, so sometimes I’m even up until one in the morning doing my schoolwork.”

She also plays on a local volleyball league, Performance Juniors. As a sophomore, she sprained her ankle for the third time while playing junior varsity basketball. “I didn’t know I sprained it,” she said. “I stayed in the game.”

Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy

She had to sit out the rest of the season, lost a season of volleyball and half a season of lacrosse. “To miss out on a few months of sports was horrible,” Murphy said. “I’m so used to going to practice right after school, but instead I’d be home on the couch.”

Returning to sports after her recovery was crucial to her, she said.

During the school year, Murphy squeezes in clubs focused on spreading environmental awareness including the Environmental Action Committee and World Affairs Club. “I get involved in these because everyone should take time to care for the Earth we live on,” she said.

Writing for her school newspaper became a must-have class every year after she enrolled in it in tenth grade. In her junior year, she was named sports editor and was named managing editor for the upcoming school year.

Murphy was elected secretary of her senior class in June. “I was secretary of my junior class too, so knowing that everyone really felt I was the best one to keep them informed was great,” she said.

Among her duties will be keeping everyone in the school posted on what’s going on using fliers and posters, and updating the school’s Facebook page. She’s a member of the National Honor Society as well.

Even as she juggles schoolwork, sports and activities, Murphy said it’s a priority for her to spend time with family and friends. She enjoys watching sports on TV, including her favorite teams, the Mets and Jets.

“I met my favorite player, David Wright, twice,” Murphy said. “It was a crazy experience meeting someone who strives for the game like I do.”

Murphy said she’s unsure where she’ll go to college but she’s interested in Marist, Syracuse, and the University of Maryland. She also has dreams to be on ESPN someday.

“Every night I watch it until I fall asleep,” she said. “I love sports, so it wouldn’t be a job, it would just be doing what I love.”