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  • Sabrina Syed

    Profile: Sabrina Syed

    Sabrina Syed often feels trapped between two worlds. At home, the 16-year-old lives in a world where Urdu programs are on the television, her parents address her in this national language of Pakistan and they raise her as a Muslim.

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  • Caitlin Gargan

    Profile: Caitlin Gargan

    Caitlin Gargan is a team player on more than one field. Last week Gargan, 16, scored three goals and helped the Long Island scholastic women’s lacrosse team win the gold medal at the Empire State Games held last week at Syracuse University.

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  • Rebecca Anzel

    Profile: Rebecca Anzel

    In the midst of a deadline-induced frenzy at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists, Rebecca Anzel hastily devoured a salad as she power-walked from the Stony Brook University Student Activities Center back to the newsroom.

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  • Maria Perez

    Profile: Maria Perez

    At first glance, you'd never know that Maria Perez and her family were in a hospital in the Dominican Republic.

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  • Dan Maricondo

    Profile: Dan Maricondo

    From basketball to Wiffle ball, to guitar to academics, Dan Maricondo seems to do it all - and well.

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  • Frank Olito

    Profile: Frank Olito

    The banter throughout the lunch circle among the attendees of the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists lasts only a few minutes before a girl can be heard saying “Frank Update”.

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  • Megan Murphy

    Profile: Megan Murphy

    With the drive of a professional athlete and her school involvement, Megan Murphy is ready to take on anything.

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  • Jonathan Glover

    Profile: Jonathan Glover

    Jonathan Glover has little formal education in the field of music but this has not curbed his interest in the discipline.

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  • Alex Vasile

    Profile: Alex Vasile

    Few people have a tougher shell to crack than Alex Vasile. One thing acts as a hammer, though, shattering that tough coat of protection; the mention of football.

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  • Samantha Lacovara

    Profile: Samantha Lacovara

    Samantha Lynn Lacovara likes to think of herself as civic-minded. Not only is she an accomplished student journalist, but Lacovara also is deeply involved in the political scene at Shoreham Wading River High School.

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